RTI Model for Student Needs

January 14, 2015

Tonaquint Intermediate School provides students with the unique opportunity of participating in blended and adaptive classrooms. Within our Diamond Response To Intervention (RTI) model, all students are presented with the concepts that are essential to the 6th and 7th grade Utah State Core curriculum standards. From there, our teachers are able to evaluate each student’s individual needs and provide additional support and re-teaching for those who may be struggling and enrichment opportunities for those who exhibit mastery of the concepts and will benefit from extended learning opportunities. With our daily 86 minute class periods in Language Arts, Math and Science, students are able to experience a variety of learning experiences designed to further their educational success. Teachers have the time to guide their practice of the skills that have been taught, thereby reducing the amount of traditional homework significantly. Tonaquint Intermediate School is dedicated to our mission of empowering students to be their best.


Tonaquint Intermediate School – Vision & Mission Statement Document

September 18, 2014

Please take and look at our current Tonaquint Intermediate School – Vision & Mission Statement Document

2014 Mission Vision Purpose

Mrs. Bobby Garrett Administrator Of The Year

March 5, 2014

Our wonderful Principal Mrs. Bobby Garrett has just been selected as Administrator Of The Year at the 2013-14 UMLA Conference March 1st-2nd 2014.

Outstanding Middle Level Administrator Award: Barbara Garrett
Tonaquint Intermediate School, Washing County School District

1962854_815119295229253_441440219_nBarbara “Bobby” Garrett has been in education for 33 years. She started teaching in Provo School District as a elementary teacher. For the last 19 years she has been as administrator in the Washington County School District. As a testament to her abilities, she was selected to open not one school, but two: Desert Hills Intermediate in 2000 and Tonaquint Intermediate in 2007. In both assignments, she brought together exemplary teachers who would catch her vision for excellence.

Bobby’s mantra is “We will never arrive,” meaning that improvement is a continuous process. She expects the adults to be continuous learners themselves and to use data to revise and revamp what is done to seek better results. To this end, the school created schools within the school and and have a radical schedule that provides the means for all students to master core subjects. Tonaquint was the only middle level school listed in the top 10 based on the State Report Card. See attached link

Tonaquint not only emphasizes academics it is also dedicated to the well being of young adolescents. The school mission statement is “A Community Empowering Students To Be Their Best!” and Bobby is given credit by staff, parents, and community members for having the leadership skills to make it so. As Lani Harward, a teacher at Tonaquint said in her letter;

“We recognize we are needed, and wanted. There are never job openings, because as teachers we don’t want to leave! What is best for students also ends up being what is best for teachers. When we put students first, we don’t have as many behavior problems, parent problems, failing students, and as teacher we feel more successful.”

photo 3Larry Burgeson, Richard Holmes, and Bob Sonju congratulate Tonaquint Intermediate School’s Principal Bobby Garrett the UMLA Administrator of the year.

Tonaquint Intermediate

November 12, 2013

Tonaquint Intermediate is a Utah School to Watch. Tonaquint is ranked as the #1 intermediate school in Utah. All of this is proof that Tonaquint Intermediate is the best school in St. George for your child to be academically successful.


2012/2013 Data & Report Cards

October 1, 2013

Below you will find data showing the results of Criterion Referenced Tests (CRT’s) for Math, Language Arts, & Science. We are well pleased with our results, take a look for yourself. You will also see our grades and report cards from the State of Utah grading our school. Again we are very happy and excited with the results, take a look. We ranked overall #7 in the state with an letter grade of A, and #1 overall for all intermediate/middle schools. 🙂

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Data gateway


Tonaquint Ranks #8 for Entire State of Utah

September 10, 2013

Grading Utah schools: Top 10 highest scoring elementary/middle/jr. high schools – We are really excited and pleased with our grade and test scores just released on Sept. 3rd, 2013 by the state of Utah. Check out the article and our scores on Deseret News link found below…

We ranked #7 in the Entire State of Utah! We are the only middle/jr. high school that made the list, all other schools are elementary schools.  So we like to say we are #1  🙂



Response To Intervention (RTI) Model

August 14, 2013

Please look at the RTI Model that Tonaquint Intermediate School uses to meet the needs of all students.

Our classrooms have built in differentiation to meet all students’ needs. Those students who are gifted or talented, or who have a learning disability are all learning at their individual levels within the regular education classroom.


Student Handbook

May 4, 2012

Here is a link to the our STUDENT HANDBOOK for the upcoming 2013-2014 School Year.

Can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF document.

Student Handbook 2013-1014

Co-Teaching Model at Tonaquint

October 3, 2011

Please watch this interactive video for our Co-Teaching Model at Tonaquint Intermediate School.

What are schools to watch?

October 4, 2009

missionSchools to Watch® is an initiative launched by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform in 1999.

The National Forum is an alliance of more than 60 educators, researchers, and officers of national associations and foundations dedicated to improving schools for young adolescents across the country.

Through the Schools to Watch® initiative, the National Forum identifies schools across the United States that are well on their way to meeting the Forum’s criteria for high performance. Forum members believe that three things are true of high-performing middle-grades schools:

They are academically excellent—these schools challenge all students to use their minds well.

They are developmentally responsive—these schools are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence.

They are socially equitable—these schools are democratic and fair, providing every student with high-quality teachers, resources, and supports.

To achieve this level of performance, high-performing schools establish norms, structures, and organizational arrangements to support and sustain their trajectory toward excellence. They have a sense of purpose that drives every facet of practice and decision-making.

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